Austria: so much more than Schnitzel

{Part One}

Although it was far too short a visit, our three night stay in Copenhagen really began to feel like home. For a second, I had glimpses of remaining Amanda’s roommate forever, riding my rental bike to and from some dream job, and enjoying Rosé picnics on open lawns everywhere. However, we had places to go and flights to catch. With heavy hearts, we packed our things and caught an awful early flight to our next stop: Vienna (Wien), Austria. Before we started planning our adventures, Ethan asked me one question: “where is the one place in Europe you’ve been dying to see?” Yeah, not that simple. I could’ve closed my eyes before a map of Europe, placed my index finger anywhere and would’ve squealed with delight regardless of where it landed. However, after approximately 16 seconds, I blurted “Austria!” Here’s to you, unpredictability, here’s to you. Because of this random choice, we were witness to some of the most breathtaking landscapes imagineable and some killer, historic cities.

Although this was nearly just a stopover visit, Vienna left a mark on our hearts. In Vienna, modern shopping and restaurants collide with the most fantastic of preserved architecture to create an urban dreamland. Narrow streets open into grand public squares full of local shoppers and tourists whose necks are thrown back in awe of the grandeuer of this city. In our short time, Ethan and I were able to hit the streets with one agenda: just explore. We didn’t really have a plan for Vienna, so we allowed ourselves to crack the Lonely Planet book, find a coffee shop and hit one sight: Stephansdom. One can visit thousands of cathedrals while traveling Europe; however, I am so happy we chose to visit this particular place. As the mother church of the Archdiocese of Vienna, this gothic beauty is situated in the heart of the city. Very rarely do we pay for full blown audio tours, but upon entering Stephansdom, we knew we had to. As the weather shifted from sunny skies to threatening thunder, we rocked the headphones and owned the gaudy lanyards. Totally worth it. Not only is this place chock full of incredible history and detail, but the towers’ sky over the everyday life happening below, offering the most incredible of urban views.

I fell in love with a roof. I’m a sucker for a good pattern – what can I say?

Our visit to Vienna was far, far too short. However, in the fraction of time we had, we soaked in a plethora of culture {and whiskey} and saw enough to decide that we must return for more!


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