Europe.. in a nutshell?

Welp, it appears as if I’ve broken cardinal rule numbero uno: don’t fall behind. So, let’s just check that off of the “rebel without a cause” checklist and forget it ever happened, shall we? My goal was to return from our European adventures and get down to blogging immediately; both for nostalgic purposes and in hopes of summing up the neverending question of “how was your trip?,” but alas, I have failed my conquest.

I could provide a plethora of excuses: anything from jet lag to the fact that I hosted a bachelorette the week we returned.. but we all know that won’t due. So, consider this my cheeky apology.

How does one really recap 18 days of pure European bliss? In scrolling through the {nearly} million photos we were able to snap, I’m almost overwhelmed.. and suddenly I’ve realized that I’m scrolling through them again because they’re still that enjoyable. So I figured that, instead of handing over a post that would have you scrolling for days, I’d break out each mini-trip in its own post. A tad over the top? It’s Europe, people!

First off, let me preface all of this by saying that I won this trip. For real – won it. I guess that really does happen to people? Thanks to STA Travel and a contest they held via this little thing called Pinterest, Eth and I found ourselves planning a very unexpected trip to anywhere in Europe.. madness! In all of our planning, we decided on the following countries:

The UK
The Czech Republic
The Netherlands

First stop? The UK! We chose to visit our dear friend Erin, who moved to the Manchester area just days before we left for the start of our trip. She made the move to be with her boyfriend, Robin, so we thought we’d settle her in just right with a visit! We stayed in downtown Manchester, which I knew absolutely nothing about before visiting; however, it turned out to be a lovely city with many shops, restaurants and pubs – some of my favorite things! Robin made quite a point to keep us out of the city, though. He had fantastic day trips planned for us, including visiting the Lake District, which is North West of Manchester and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. A chain of lakes surrounded by small towns combined with the beautiful English countryside is just what we needed to start an amazing trip! To top it off, we got a sneak peek into the life of Erin – meeting her wonderful “Robeeeen” and his family was incredible; they are wonderful people living in a wonderful part of this crazy world!

This is Erin. She’s fantastic and hilarious and beautiful and I love her so much.

We could’ve stayed here and explored this area for weeks – I’m so happy Robin and Erin took us here!

Well, I suppose that will have to do for now – more to come soon {I swear I’ve shaken this procrastination thing out of my sytem!}.


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