Kelsey’s Wedding Shower

All right. I confess: I’m behind. We’re talking nearly a month behind. Yipes.

Even worse – I’m going to point fingers at this ridiculously large continent across the sea: Europe. I can’t help it. That incredibly beautiful place swamped with history and fashion and food and beer and sights cradled me in its huge, Fall-like, beautiful arms and basically rocked me to sleep. However, it is time to wake. And to catch up.

So when we last met I recapped Kelsey’s shower invitations. So why not recap the actual event, right? So, in a time {which feels like} long, long ago, I threw my lovely friend Kelsey’s wedding shower. If you remember, we had the ideal location – an antique home with the most beautiful garden setting and all sorts of room to wander. We had a larger crowd, so a large {and I mean large} menu was in order. Okay, it’s fair to say I went overboard. A touch ambitious. Maybe even crazy? Luckily, Kelsey’s soon to be sisters-in-law, Beth and Leslie are saints. Seriously – I’m starting to think that they’re angels sent down from heaven. They have helped so much with my MOH duties and have made it all so fun. I love those girls and am so happy we’ve been able to spend so much time together! So, together, we rolled up our sleeves, had a drink and got to work in the kitchen, preparing all of the {ridiculously Pinterest-y} foods below:

Naturally, a sangria-esque punch and wine were in order; however, for our mommies-to-be we offered cucumber mint and lemon wedge filled water.

If anyone knows Kelsey, you know this girl has a heart of gold and she wears it on her sleeve, which was truly reflected by all of her girlfriends that made it to the shower that day. She deserves all of the love that she received that day and a lifetime of happiness with Drew. I can’t believe we’re less than three weeks away to their big day; it has been so much fun to take part in the preparations and I can not wait to stand up there next to them as they commit to each other.

Kelsey & Drew – I love you guys!


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