The P-N-Dubya.

We’re baaaa-aaaaccckkkk! Still a touch jetlagged and sick, but back. And happy. And already missing our family and friends that filled our time and hearts with happiness. We had a fantastic week out in the Pacific Northwest visiting the most amazing cities, towns and people. When we heard that these this amazing couple, Kari & Jeremy, were gettin’ hitched we both celebrated the news (woo!) and feared (awww!) that we wouldn’t be able to afford the trip. However, the airline gods smiled on us and dropped some pretty cheap flight prices in our laps and we jumped on the opportunity to travel to Hood River, Oregon to celebrate with them (I’m telling you – price alerts are where it’s at, people!). Check them out – aren’t they adorable?

Kari and Jeremy Jones, Hood River, OregonMeet the Jones’! 

The wedding was beautiful. The venue was breathtaking. The bride? Exquisite. Both Kari and Jeremy are from Michigan but live in Portland, OR and the fact that they had so many out-of-towners at their wedding truly reflects how incredible they are and how much they mean to so many people.

Speaking of out-of-towners.. heading west means that Ethan and I got to bask in a glorious week with people that our hearts miss so much. Ethan’s brother, Simon, now resides in Seattle while his sister, Emma, and her husband, Shane, made the move to Vancouver Island, BC two years ago. In addition, many of our dearest friends have moved west and this was such a great time to have with them. In addition, we got to see many faces that also traveled in for the wedding. From New York to North Carolina to Texas, friends gathered in Oregon to celebrate both a wedding some serious reunion time!

 After (sadly) leaving Oregon, it was time to make the journey up to Vancouver Island to spend some time with Shane and Emma. After four hours of driving (Hood River to Seattle), two and a half hours of ferry time (Seattle to Victoria BC), a few ciders and grub and two and a half more hours of driving, we finally made our way to Shane and Emma’s adorable home in Port Alberni, BC. Shane is a youth pastor at Alberni Valley Christian Reformed Church while Emma recently graduated from Vancouver Island University. For up and moving to a different country where they knew no one, they have really created a great life for themselves and have brought nothing but goodness to Port Alberni. It was so lovely spending time with them; we miss them more than they know! Vancouver Island is truly a place of beauty. It was such a spectacular reminder of how small we truly are in this world and the breathtaking beauty and power of mother nature. She still reigns on Vancouver Island! From surfing in Tofino to the grandiose stroll among the ancient douglas firs of Cathedral Grove, our short visit sparked our curiosity and had me in awe of its beauty.

I hope you all have the opportunity to experience this heavenly piece of North America. It is truly touched by the hand of God and one of the most humbling experiences I’ve had in some time.

Now – time to recover!

Emma & Shane!


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