365 x 2 + 1 leap day.

Hi all, it’s me, Shannon. Now, let me just preface this post by saying that I’m a touch hypocritical today. I don’t like those mushy, gushy social media posts about “the love of my life!” and the paragraph of mega-personal and intimate (and totally crazy unnecessary) details that ensue. You know, those long-winded, run on sentence statuses that you have to click “see more” in order to figure out if its actually going to culminate in some grandiose love explosion? Barf, I know. But don’t act like you didn’t read the whole thing. Whether it be out of spite, curiousity or one helluvan eyeroll, I know you read it. Shoot, odds are I read it..

Welp, look hypocrisy in its face today, folks.

To my other cynical, “geesh I’m so glad I don’t do that” friends: you have my apologies.. today I fail you. Today you may find me all mush and gush.

I can’t help it though. Really, I can’t. It’s not my fault, it’s his:

He was that moment where I knew my life would forever be changed. He is the promise I make every morning: to be better, to be loving. He has taken my life in his hands and has led me where I never knew I could be. Our journey together hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been strong. He has loved me when I didn’t deserve it and has picked me up everytime I’ve fallen. He’s my best friend and I his, and I don’t know what goodness I did in this life or a previous to deserve him, but I thank God every time I peel open these eyes and awake to his face.

You see, today we celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. Or, as we like to call it, “the best thing we’ve ever done.” Madness, laughter, promise, God, fear, family, life and love came crashing together to create this thing we now call marriage. And we have this crazy home and these amazing people in our lives and we’ve built on this promise to each other that it won’t always be easy, but we’ll always be together. To be better, to be loving.

Happy anniversary Ethan; I love you more than you will ever know.

{this says it all // The Cathedral of Saint Andrew, Grand Rapids, Mich.}

{if you haven’t checked out Kara Purtell Photography, you’ve done yourself a heavy injustice. They’re amazing}

{Citizen Cope’s Holding On}


2 thoughts on “365 x 2 + 1 leap day.

  1. Well mushy sappy suits you well shann.. I will admit that years welled in my eyes while reading how you love Ethan. You two are the happy people wait a lifetime for and I’m so thankful for you two and the memories we’ve made and will make as old married people 🙂 love you!

  2. Shannon, I hope that you will always view this day as you as stated today! Finding the one to go through all the ups and downs that life deals you is such a huge blessing! The day-to-day determination to always LIKE each other at the end of the day is what has carried Dean and I through and I have no doubt that you and Ethan will continue to make many, many wonderful memories with each other and those who surround you. Happy Anniversary to 2 of the adopted children of our family!

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