The Garden on Sigsbee.

Happy Friday!

I figured this week would be terribly (so dramatic) slow after having a spectacular four day work week last week; however, I am pleasantly surprised to find myself sitting here and it’s already Friday afternoon!

I’m happy to report of some seriously good goodness that has been taking place at the Sigsbee residence. After our first attempts at gardening last year, we knew we really wanted to give raised beds a “heave, ho.” After planning, plotting, scheming and discussing, we have them! For being an urban home, we’ve been blessed with an abundance of space. The home that originally sat next to ours was lost in a fire back in the 50’s or 60’s, so those smart neighbors bought up the property where we now have the opportunity to frolic. We’ve landscaped and added horseshoe pits and we still have plenty of room for garden beds, yard games, parties.. you get it.

With abundance comes sharing. With sharing comes times spent with amazing friends. With amazing friends comes icredible experiences. With that being said, we decided to open our space to some of our friends so that we can share in this gardening experience (and failures and comedies) together. So after Ethan, my father-in-law and I got our two garden beds together (which was way easier than I ever imagined – there is a plethora of tutorials out there to get you started) these wonderful faces purchased their seedlings and we dove in on this adventure together.

So, under the moonlight (schedules are pretty tough these days..) we dug our hands into the soil, manure and compost and got down to bid-ness. Let me just say that the people in these photos are absolutely amazing.. they give me side aches and tears from laughter, love me when I’m at my most un-lovable moments, and challenge me to be a better person. Let this vegetable garden be a metaphor for the growing we will do together – let it be fruitful, challenging, hardworking and vigorous!


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