Shorts weeks = smiling faces.

It’s already Friday and I’m beaming. I do not care that it is a chilly, rainy day here in Grand Rapids; it’s Friday and that won’t bring me down. It’s Friday and I’m beaming because I keep thinking it’s Thursday. It’s Friday and I’m beaming because this work week only lasted four days. It’s Friday and I’m beaming because my past weekend was spent with people I love and in places I adore and it was so full of loveliness that it bubbled over and flowed through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It’s Friday…  and I’m beaming.

I realize it’s a little behind but Ethan and I celebrated the four day weekend by first making our way down to my hometown of Kalamazoo. There’s just always “something” about going home. It’s only 45 minutes away; however, when I’m there, I feel a lifetime away from work, projects and any stress that has crept its way into my life. I’m home and I’m in the arms of the people who know me so well; the people that take me when I’m broken, shining, restless or excited. All I need is those faces, my Ethan, and the most loyal yellow lab you could ever imagine. The family from which I hail is incredible. We’ve been through hell and back together, but the strength of whatever is it that ties us together is unbreakable. I am so blessed and so in love with these incredible people I am fortunate to call friends and family.

most loyal yellow lab

I mean, honestly.

I’m a firm believer in the beautiful men of my life, Michigan micros and bonfires.

Why yes, indeed, that is a swollen, red eye you see there. We’ll call it concrete eye. This is two thirds of my amazing family: baby brother (#4), Matthew; younger brother (#2), Timothy; and our amazing mother, Donna. We missed you out there Kelly (younger sister (#3) and Daddio (Don)!

I would’ve been happy with just this portion of our long weekend; however, it only got better. We made the drive that we’ve made a million times up to beautiful Cadillac – only to be complete with another episode of This American Life (it really is the best, isn’t it?)

We had four spectacular days of sailing Lake Cadillac, Harrietta, Traverse City and most importantly: family. I wish I could explain how blessed I am because of my in laws (by the way, I really dislike loathe calling them that.. they’re family, not in laws!). Truly a one-of-a-kind, down-to-earth, they-really-get-life kind of people and I forever am looking forward to the rest of adventures that await us. Whether we’re hiking the Manistee, making some homemade goodness straight from the Harrietta garden, or sharing stories in the warm room, it’s always so lovely to be with them. The weekend was made even more special because Ethan’s brother, Simon, was in for a week from Seattle – always a treat!

Beautiful Harrietta, Mich. This place holds such a dear place in my heart.


Steve seriously knows a little a lot about everything.

I hope that you too were blessed with a lovely weekend full of joy, friends and family. Blessings: consider yourselves counted!


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