Posted in June 2012

365 x 2 + 1 leap day.

Hi all, it’s me, Shannon. Now, let me just preface this post by saying that I’m a touch hypocritical today. I don’t like those mushy, gushy social media posts about “the love of my life!” and the paragraph of mega-personal and intimate (and totally crazy unnecessary) details that ensue. You know, those long-winded, run on … Continue reading


Oh, Donald. I’m not quite sure I can sum up my father. The correct adjectives seem nearly impossible to define. Hardworking? Loving? Proud? Yes, yes and yes. Humble? Friendly? Of course. I’d like to think that all women, everywhere, understand what I mean. As the first man I’ve ever loved, no one can quite fill the space … Continue reading

The Garden on Sigsbee.

Happy Friday! I figured this week would be terribly (so dramatic) slow after having a spectacular four day work week last week; however, I am pleasantly surprised to find myself sitting here and it’s already Friday afternoon! I’m happy to report of some seriously good goodness that has been taking place at the Sigsbee residence. … Continue reading

Shorts weeks = smiling faces.

It’s already Friday and I’m beaming. I do not care that it is a chilly, rainy day here in Grand Rapids; it’s Friday and that won’t bring me down. It’s Friday and I’m beaming because I keep thinking it’s Thursday. It’s Friday and I’m beaming because this work week only lasted four days. It’s Friday and … Continue reading