Concrete Cunninghams {& friends!}

Let’s talk concrete, shall we?

And now I am hoping that I haven’t lost you already.. because the story does get pretty sweet, I promise.

At our haven here on Sigsbee, there is many a thing a gal can look at and scream say outloud, “damn, I wish you’d fix yourself.” And then, when she closes her eyes as tight as she can and springs them open with all of her might, it appears as if everything was as before. And this is okay, because sometimes owners of home restoration projects must be realists (sigh..).

Kicking off the summer of 2012 projects is <<drumroll, please!>> … the walkways!

Apparently, it’s not all that great when your concrete walkways are cracked with a slope running downhill toward your house, so it was time to make that change. I never imagined the amount of concrete this beast of a house had until it was time to lift it. Yeah, lift it. After Ethan jackhammered all of it out (ohh, his poor forearms), we had these maddening concrete piles everywhere. It really did cross my mind to just leave them there as some sorts of post-modern abstract works of art, but once I slapped myself out of that reality it was time to get to work. Once the concrete was cleared, it was time to level the ground and frame it up (nope, not real jargon, but I’m not very well-versed in concrete chatter). Once it was framed, it was time for the cement truck and lots of amazing, helping hands.

Before I picture book the hell out of this adventure, let me just give a MAJOR shoutout to some spectacular people in our lives:

To my father-in-law, Steve; his longtime friend, Denny; my sister’s boyfriend, Ethan #2; my baby brother, Matty; my sister, Kelly; my brother-in-law, Simon; and our fantastic neighbor, Paul: we will never, ever be able to express the amount of gratitude we have for your help on this job. We could have never done this without you and your long hours of uncomfortable sweat, dust, lifting, hammering, dirt and my language are so very much appreciated. We love you fools! If I somehow forgot someone that had their hands in that project, I a). am so sorry and b). appreciate you so much, too and c). owe you a beer!

Step 1:

Step 2: 

Step 3: 

Ta-da! Lovely slate grey walks that are whole, weedless, level and sloping away from the casa.

It’s a lovely thing, isn’t it?


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