Lovely Day.

Hello world!

Honestly, where does one even begin with creating her first blog post? Well, let’s get down to it. I’m a writer at heart. Scribbles and text and quotes and phrases and fonts and books and journals and sketchpads have a special and fond place in this little heart of mine. {side note: run on sentences typically do not; however, that was quite necessary}

If you know me well, you know that I lose things. I’d much rather think of this phenomenon as creatively and strategically placing objects to find at a later time. It makes it more mysterious and treasure-like, don’t you think? However, over the years this tendency has given me much heartbreak. I’ve lost sketches, stories and poems {along with clothing, shoes, keys, etc.} and it shall happen no more!

I’ve been putting this off for years now. If I had a nickel for everytime I’ve heard “you should really start a blog…” I’d be rich. I’d be halfway around the world. However, that is not the case – so a blog will have to do.

Am I crazy in saying that there is a lot of pressure in writing a blog?

Keep it quirky.
Keep it entertaining.
Keep it updated.
Keep it looking good.
Keep it relevant.

See what I mean?

However, in this procrastination period I’ve seemed to bubble over. A lot has changed in the past few years and each and every day seems to bring about new ideas, creative outlets and opportunities for growth. And that’s exactly what I’m finding myself doing: growing. Growing with my partner, growing with our friends and family, and growing within our beautiful community.

So I’ve created this blog with the hopes of maintaining a creative outlet; as a means to peer inside our lives; and for the pursuit of sharing ideas, events and stories. So laugh with me during the times of madness and nonsense; sigh with me when the frustration is overwhelming; wonder with me when the things of this life fill us with awe; rest with me when we’ve run ourselves rampant; scream with me when life has dropped the cruelest of circumstances; celebrate with me when their is much joy in the faces of our loved ones; and always, always search and question with me – because we deserve it.

Afterall, it’s these everyday little snippets of life that make our time here one helluva lovely thing. And even if I have to remind myself every hour of every day, I’m going to try my darndest to find the lovelies in our every day lives.



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